The wedding is once in a lifetime occasion to all of us for which we peruse a dream in our eyes. It is a holy celebration of couple’s knot, so every couple wants this day to be memorable.It is not confined to a particular caste and creed. Whatever the religion people follow, nobody wants to remember this ceremony as a boring occasion, so every person tries best for his wedding ceremony to be graceful and impressive. Some people who are best in managing the things or have sufficient time left for their wedding, arrange and plan the whole wedding on their self. But people who don’t have sufficient time or unable to arrange things properly choose wedding planner for a successful wedding.

Generally, a Wedding Planner is a group of people who takes sole responsibility of your marriage celebration and tries their best for a successful occasion. They manage every little thing in your marriage from decoration to catering. The main part of marriage is hosting the wedding ceremony, so they provide a host for the wedding ceremony or an anchor who plays an important role in your wedding.

He is the person who is aware and responsible for all the things happening at the time of wedding ceremony. He keeps an eye on everything and takes the decision to maintain cheerful momentum in the ceremony. He welcomes the s guest and gives the introduction of important guests to all other people. He organizes orchestra, gives information about next ceremony in wedding and introduces people about dinner arrangement in the wedding for their convenience. Many times people feel sleepy and bored in wedding due to many wedding practices, so that time his skills, inelegance and witty nature comes into the picture. He keeps people busy in different kinds of games and activities, so people do not feel bored in the wedding. All in his entire role is like an anchor that gives stability to a wedding ceremony and plays a huge role in a successful wedding.

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