The wedding season is on and there are a lot of families planning to make the day memorable, even bride and groom are planning their own wedding design and planning for the decoration of the grand event. Many times, they have a clear picture about the wedding design as well as decoration. In India Jaipur is famous for its unique style and wedding decorations by a number of wedding planners. People are quite curious to do various kind of experiment especially in wedding design and decoration of the whole event. They prefer beautiful theme parties, special flower decorations and all the ideas which they can explore.

Use of color and lights

Now a days the wedding place is specially decorated with colorful lights, flowers and different kind of colorful curtains. The wedding planner do all the suitable arrangements regarding wedding design and decoration. They have a number of beautiful ideas that can provide with a beautiful theme.Different patterns like a stage like fashion shows are in trend. Besides this people also demands offilm set design. Many also ask for theme of festivals, but the main focus comes on the wedding design decoration of the main gate. If we see the traditional pattern of Indian Wedding one can mesmerized by the views of wedding decoration Jaipur. There are a lot of event planners known especially for doing arrangements on wedding decorations in Jaipur. The experienced event managers can make you feel so comfortable in your wedding designs that everybody will remember your day for life long. There are numerous wedding planners in the themed based hospitality sector for a number of years. The wedding planners provide you all the experience of the Rajasthani tradition and culture. Whereas if you are willing to go ahead with mix contemporary culture then the European Heritage, there are specialists for that also that can fulfill your dream. The wedding planners can give you more to think and create something better than the best for your wedding design and decoration.

Flowers at its best

In every wedding ceremony the most important part of the wedding designs are flowers. You can also use variety of flowers to decorate the weeding place and mandap. Now a days people are taking orchid, white and red color roses and even marigold and orchids for decorations. You can also use tulip for decorating the sitting area of guests. Not even this people prefer saturated palettes of soft orange, peach, coral and rust colors. Indore forests, flower walls are also in trend. Some places bride also wears flower jewelry that makes her look awesome.

Other services

There are also a lot of other services they offer. These facilities include perfect catering services, shopping for bride as well as bridegroom, booking of hotels and various vehicles, availability of photographers and videographers, welcome the guests and many other services so that the family can truly enjoy the event rather worrying about hosting the guests.