Weddings in our country are a once in a lifetime event, and everyone wants to make it special. If you are hosting a wedding, you want people to remember the grandeur for a long time. It is not just about the money spent on the wedding, but the theme and other arrangements that matter most when it comes to making it memorable for your family and guests. The Baaraat ceremony is one of the most special moments of any wedding and traditionally they are taken on a horse cart or a car that is decorated with flowers. Have you ever thought of planning the wedding procession in a vintage car? It has its own charm, and it is something that you cannot get in any other vehicle.

Get them on rent:

When you are planning to get a vintage car for the wedding procession, you need not worry about buying them. They are available with many private collectors and wedding planners. You can get them on rent and use them for your family wedding. They will not cost you much and will work out very economically for the wedding. The grandeur that it adds is something which cannot be compared with other things. When you get the vintage car for rent, you can also ask for the car of your choice, and they will be able to deliver the vehicle to your location.

If you are hosting a wedding in a city like Jodhpur, you need not have to worry about getting the best vintage cars. Getting a vintage car for rent in Jodhpur is an easy task as the city has lots of them since the times of Rajas and Maharajas. The city has always been well known for its royal palaces and most of the Kings of that time had these amazing cars. These vintage beauties are now in the possession of many private collectors and wedding planners. You can easily order for the vehicle of your choice and use it for your wedding procession.

When you use the vintage car in wedding, the entire wedding procession becomes very grand, and it is something that the bride and groom will cherish for the rest of their lives. They can be decorated with various flowers to add to its beauty. Some people also keep the decoration very less to highlight the beauty of the vintage car. These cars move at a slow pace and makes the entire procession look very grand and adds a royal touch to the entire wedding event.

You can easily order for these vintage cars for weddings at portal. They can arrange any vehicle of your choice for your wedding. You can use these vintage cars for the wedding procession as well as a showpiece at the wedding venue. Not only that, you can also avail their other services with regards to organizing the wedding and get the best quality service. Your guests will remember the wedding in your family for a long time.