Mehendi is an important ceremony before the wedding, which is attended only by the ladies of the both families and the ladies among the invited guests. In this ceremony, the hands and the feet of the bride-to be are smeared by the mehendi paste. The beauty parlor lady is invited to put designs on the hands and feet of the bride-to- be and other lady of the families and the guests.  The entertainment consists of naughty folk songs by the guests themselves and dances by the young and old women of the family. Over all it is a very festive occasion which is enjoyed by all the ladies in absence of the male members of the family. The sweets and other savory food items are distributed to the guests for eating.

Mehendi or heena can be defined as a paste which is applied on this festive occasion on the feet and hands of the ladies. The beautician creates various types of auspicious designs with this paste to provide protection against the bad spirits. The bride-to-be and other ladies wash off the hands and feet after the paste dries. It is believed by most of the people, the redder the color of mehendi, the more love is gotten by the bride-to-be by her life partner.

As our company, is responsible for planning the complete wedding, this is an important part. We help our client to plan this ceremony with pomp and in beautiful way by making complete and thorough arrangements by making the complete list of the guests, arranging the services of beautician at the specified time and date. We also organize to rent the venue for mehendi ceremony.  In addition to that, we also organize the décor and design of the venue as well as decide the color theme and implement it.