Since ages India has a tradition of applying mehndi on auspicious occasion. In past it was applied by males and females both but in these days this beautiful piece of art is restricted for female use only. It is a paste of herb that after being dry leaves a beautiful colour on the area where it was applied. It is considered as good luck to have mehndi and hence on auspicious events females apply mehndi on their hands and feet. There are a number of designs in mehndi. This tradition is more famous in a few of the countries in Asian sub-continent and particularly in India.

The designs:

There are beautiful designs in mehendi and it all depends on the mehndi artist to make the design more attractive. In modern days there are many designers who prepare the design first on computer and then create the same on hands and legs of bride or whoever is getting mehndi designs. In the Indian wedding mehndi is very much important for bride and hence special arrangements are made to get the best mehendi artists for bride so that she can look prettier. The wedding planners have separate artists who are really excellent in their job and can be available on required time and date. Being a leading wedding planner has artists for mehndi who can create some really beautiful designs. As per the requirement of client they have the best mehndi artist in Jaipur who can make the best of the mehndi design before wedding and add a great charm to the beauty of bride.

The packages and art of mehndi making:

There are thousands of designs in mehndi and before moving ahead the artist can explain the designs and their features. Some are just simple designs while some of them are really much more than art of drawing. The cost of mehndi also vary as per the design and artwork required behind the design. Being the leading wedding planner across Jaipur, has some of the expert mehndi designer in Jaipur that can create really awesome designs. In case one goes for just a deal of mehndi, they can be costlier but with the complete package of wedding with wedding planner such as, one can get them at much cost effective rate. In these modern days wedding every minute detail also matters and hence it is always recommended to have the experts for such high quality art.

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