Secure your Wedding Ceremony with Shaadiwala


Marriage is an event which involves both, load of financial stuff as well as the hard work. It involves the belongings of not only the bride or groom, also the belongings of the guest who visit the home to attend the marriage. It does not simply end with the money, it also includes jewelry, expensive clothes and other expensive things. Guests who visit the wedding also show off their status by wearing various kinds of ornaments. Generally, people involves in the work related to the event and in this busy schedule, they will not be able to pay much attention towards their belongings and ends up in leaving them unpacked. Hence, there are chances to lose the valuable things. In these days there are many people with criminal mind who focus on such events only and known to take the advantage of the situation by duping the valuables.

In many cases it happens that the people are busy with the event and those who are expert in vanishing the valuables reach to the rooms of bride, groom, and guests where the valuables are usually kept so that they can easily have hand on it can carry it away.

It is always the duty and responsibility of the wedding planner, to take care of these minute but most important things. So the planners make sure that they charge additionally from the clients to safe guard their belongings from being stolen. Security is provided throughout the event in all the corners and these security keep an eye on the surroundings as well as the guests entering the function hall. Security for wedding is arranged basing upon the count of the guests attending the wedding. These security people take complete responsibility of the client and make sure that the marriage goes on without any hardships and disturbances as well as any loss of valuables complaints.

There are many wedding planners available in the market and we at leave a special impression on minds of the people as we take the charge and make the event successful in all respects safeguarding all the valuable items, which in turn is the sole reason for the happy ending of the marriage and which also provides comfort and confidence to the client. Hence our valuable clients will be able to enjoy and feel the marriage of their daughter or son.